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Branded Medicines Without The Brand-Name Price

A Growing Need

The rising cost of new medicines

Innovation is increasing, but the rising cost of new medicines threatens to make them less attainable for health systems and patients. And even for those that do have access, the price is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Even the wealthiest countries are struggling to afford today's therapeutic innovations.1

Innovations made more sustainable

We're developing novel, patent-protected treatments for patients, starting in cancer and immune-inflammatory diseases. These are areas where innovation is increasing, but the high price-tag is a growing burden to health systems and society.

Working with health systems, we are designing a model that will allow us to bring down the price of new medicines, beginning in Europe. Our goal is to create a new category of more sustainably-priced therapies. Our pipeline has more than 10 therapeutic programmes in various stages of clinical development.

New therapies, at new prices, on a new timeline

Generics and biosimilars offer a better-priced option than their branded counterparts. However, they rely on patent expirations, which create a long time gap before they are available. 2-6

We are an innovative company creating patent-protected products, enabling us to compete directly with other branded options, once approved. This allows us to offer our health system and payer partners better-priced therapies—before generics and biosimilars are available to provide financial relief.

We focus on treatment areas where health systems and patients' only options are high-priced, branded products, or where they may not have options available at all.

category types2-6
Branded medicines
brand-name PRICE2-6



Unmet need

Brand Name Products


Through our efficient business model, our products are developed quickly. Undergoing the standard regulatory approval process, they offer market availability before generics and biosimilars.

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One category,
two components:

For potential health system partners, EQRx's new category represents an opportunity to achieve cost savings while increasing treatment options for the patients they serve.

New category

The quality and clinical rigour one would expect from a new brand‑name therapy.

A lower price point not generally associated with branded products.

At EQRx, we believe that this doesn't just make today's innovations more attainable, it has the potential to change the trajectory of the pricing of new medicines, enabling societies' savings to fund the innovations yet to come.

“To jump start this new category, we’re initially focusing on oncology and immunology, where we believe that we can make a meaningful impact for patients.”

– Melanie Nallicheri, Co-founder, President and CEO of EQRx

Doing things differently

Working with partners in Remaking Medicine

Our Model
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