Rethinking Pharma. Remaking Medicine.

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EQRx is a new type of pharmaceutical company committed to working across the healthcare ecosystem to bring innovative medicines to more patients.

It’s time to remake medicine.

Our Solution

Branded medicines without the brand‑name price

In partnership with health systems around the globe, we are creating a New Category of Medicines: therapies with the clinical rigour expected of new products but at a price-point uncommon for novel therapeutic options, available sooner than generics and biosimilars as we don't have to wait for patent expiry.

Our Solution

From product development to distribution, we’re remaking partnerships to ensure today’s therapeutic innovations are more accessible and priced fairly.

We are supporting healthcare systems in their urgency for new solutions.

Our Model

Our Model

Collaborating to create change

Our Leaders

Renowned leaders from across the healthcare industry

Experts who helped establish many of today’s standard-of-care treatments have come together to create this solution, building a new type of company from the ground up.

Our Leadership

Powering a New Category

Our Pipeline

To jump start this 
new category of branded products

Therapies with the clinical rigour expected of new products but at a price-point uncommon for novel therapeutic options.

, we’re initially focusing on oncology and immunology, where we believe that we can make a meaningful impact for patients.

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